Our Company

RimSkins was invented by a Melbourne motor mechanic over thirty years ago. He was so passionate about his car at the time, he ordered a special set of rims that were shipped from Japan. Can you imagine having something shipped from Japan to Australia 35 years ago, it had to be special. The same day he unwrapped them and installed them on his car, the rims got a major scratch. Obviously upset, he decided to add some type of protection to the three unscratched and the fourth that was already damaged. It worked. Not only that, his friends started asking “where can i get those”.

But as so often happens, time and money got in the way and the product was put away for over thirty years until he retired, had more time and the technology had advanced to the point where they could now be improved and less costly.

Thirty years later the technology and cost works…we have taken that idea, played with it, given it new energy and brought this idea to a commercial reality.

Today’s RimSkins out perform even our highest expectations and have been sold all over the world.

The rimskins team, including that Melbourne motor mechanic have designed and created a product specifically to protect your wheels. To stop curb damage and prevent that sinking feeling.

Our product is a design of two polymer produced in Europe, a combination of two rubbers that interact to give a perfect balance between protection and longevity.

The product is applied to the outside of your rims, designed to be a barrier between your expensive rims and the curb. With a special automotive grade adhesive designed to withstand low impact speeds, but also work as a sacrificial product should you impact the curb a little too hard.