Set Of Rimskins

Long lasting protection for your wheels.


Rimskins, provide an original method to guard your investment from damage occurring during parking. Curb scratches and scrapes can be incurred in a number of settings. Attached to the outside edge of your rim, Rimskins create a layer in between the curb and your wheel.

Our product is designed as a sacrificial skin that is applied to the wheel, protecting your rims through a number of incidents. Rimskins are also designed to disguise existing damage, by covering scrapes and scratches.

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They look great!


Rimskins were created to provide our customers with either an understated add on to their wheels or made a bold impressions, depending on your choice of color.

Created with superior polymer technology, Rimskins guard your wheels for years into the future, over many scrapes and scratches.

At the outset, a great deal of effort was put into the design of this product. The initial goal was to create a product that integrates with the rim resulting in the subtle finish. Interest during early stages of conception was generally for an un-intrusive item, but would suit the function of protection, and covering existing damage.

Rimskins received a number of interested customers looking for an expansion into a greater range of colors. As a result, we opened the range to six colours that have become as popular as the original silver and black.

Wheel Rim Protectors - Rimskins
Rim Protectors - Rimskins
Before Rimskin Protection
After Rimskin Protection

Pre Rimskins Application.


If you have existing damage or have recently scraped your rims, this doesn’t need to be an expensive problem. The application process for Rimskins is painless, short and visually compliments your rims without the removal of your wheels.



Post Rimskins Application.

After the quick 5 – 10 minute install, your wheel will be looking good as new.

Keep your investment looking new.

Choose Rimskins and stop the unsightly scratches by adding this inexpensive feature to your vehicle. A simple and effective solution to keep your car looking showroom quality!




Advance Polymer Technology.

Made from a dual UV Stable rubber polymer, it is the only rim protector available on the market that is not produced with conventional plastic. Making Rimskins longer lasting under all elements, no matter what climate.

Durable Car Rim Protectors - Rimskins
Range Of Colors

Colours to suit any vehicle.

Rimskins come in a wide range of colors to fit any style and taste. With a range of images in our gallery for you to find inspiration, we had colors suited to bold statements or to blend in without notice. Pick yours today.



Installation: Quick and simple.

Designed to fit any size wheel, and require no tire removal, Rimskins are a simple and effective way to protect your time. The application process is under two minutes for each wheel and requires no additional tools. Just follow the installation guide included in your pack and you are ready to go.
Wheel Rim Installation

Guarding your wheels

Produced with a two-part UV polymer, Rimskins will give you protection on your investment for years to come.

Quick and Simple

The installation process was designed to be short and simple. Watch our installation video here.

Hides existing damage.

Rimskins will bind to your rims, even if existing damage is present. Once installed your car will have a new-refreshed look.

Purchase with confidence.

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