Alloy Rim Protection with Rimskins™

Simple, affordable and effective protection of your alloy wheel rims.

What are Rimskins™?

Rimskins™ offer an innovative way to protect valuable wheel rims from curb scratches and damage incurred while parking. Fitted to the outer edge of the wheel, Rimskins™ provide a barrier between the wheel rim and the curb.

Rimskins™ are intended to be a sacrificial product that will go on protecting the rims after many scrapes. Rimskins™ can also be used to cover existing damage.

Have you invested both time and money in a new set of rims, only to find them scratched up, dented or damaged?

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Simple Installation

Simple and easy to install, no tire removal necessary.

Greater Protection

RimSkins will protect your alloy rims from curb damage. See our customer reviews here!

Conceals Unsightly Scratches

Conceals unsightly pre-existing damage, resulting in a brand new look.

Durable Polymer

The latest in polymer design and manufacture means years of use.

Extensive colour options

If choosing Rimskins to highlight or to subtly hide damage, there’s a number of different colours to suit.

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Superior Technology and Superior Quality

  Rimskins uses the latest European polymer technology to provide complete protection. Rimskins are applied to the outer edge of your rim and act as a barrier between your rims and the rest of the driving world. They are designed with a special adhesive that is tested to withstand a range of speeds – providing you the assurance of protection when you bump into a curb or other barrier while parking or driving.

 Rimskins offer an innovative way to protect against scrapes, scratches, dings and dents incurred while driving or parking. Our rim protectors are well suited to fit a wide range of driver preferences – available in an array of colors and sizes to match just about every vehicle imaginable. Rimskins are your supreme alloy wheel rim protectors.