How to fit RimSkins…


Just follow the instructions outlined below or in your installation instructions in your pack,  and you will be astonished at just how easy they are to install.

Dani’s first shot at installing her new set of Rimskins.

Preparation and application is everything!



For instructions on how to use Rimskins, visit Click on the Fitting page to see a video showing how to apply Rimskins.

Rimskins will cover most gutter rash; however, if your rims are chipped or cracked, they may be dangerous and you should seek the advice of a wheel specialist before fitting Rimskins.

For rims with existing damage, make sure any rough edges are smoothed or sanded first.


The better you prepare your rims, the better Rimskins will work!!! 

Read instructions before use.

1.The performance of this product is directly related to how well you prepare the wheel rim before application. Use a quality wax and grease remover and cloth to thoroughly clean the wheel rim. Wait 5 minutes for wheels to dry.

The tissue test.

Wipe the rim with a clean white tissue paper. If it is still clean you are ready to use the Rimskins wipes.

2.Ensure the ends of the Rimskins have been cut off squarely. And wipe with the supplied RS Wipes, this helps the glue stick.

3.Peel 10cm of orange backing strip from adhesive strip.

4.Apply Rimskins from the top of the wheel rim and proceed in a clockwise or anti clockwise direction, removing the backing strip as you go. Avoid direct contact with tape surface.

DO NOT stretch or pull the RimSkin, allow it to follow the rim without force.

5.When application is complete, use scissors or a sharp blade to trim Rimskins to the correct length.

6.Firmly press Rimskins onto the rim.

7.To clean, wipe over with wax and grease remover and cloth.


Note: The adhesive used on Rimskins requires 24 hours to fully cure but is suitable for immediate use.

Note 2: There is a current trend towards Matte and Satin finishes on many wheels. These finishes tend to be harder to clean/prepare and retain oil or silicone based wheel shine, to insure the glue works best, go over these wheels more than once with a suitable cleaner.



Rimskins are only designed to protect wheel rims against kerb damage incurred at low speed while parking. Rimskins are not designed to protect wheel rims against kerb damage incurred at normal driving speeds.

Rimskins may not be suitable for all wheel rim designs.

The adhesive will not stick to surfaces that have been recently treated with a Teflon- or silicone-based preservative/dressing treatment. These treatments can be applied after the installation of Rimskins.